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Design and interior luminaires and special projects

Design luminaires

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Are you looking for unconventional design lighting for your space? Thanks to many years of experience, we can tailor almost any design luminaire for you. We produce light frames to illuminate interiors, large format luminaires atypical forms, luminaires with a specific design as well as custom-made floor lamps.

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Designové svítidlo 12
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“Incandescent” luminous inscriptions

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If you want a real retro touch and you want your ad to look like a cut from Fremont Street in Las Vegas at the beginning of the 20th century, bet on a solution in the form of a stylish sign from light bulbs. This type of luminous inscription consists of a sheet metal body in which incandescent lamps are placed. We pay attention to quality and environmental friendliness and use only High Energy Saving LED Bulbs with the option Light shade options.

Žárovkový světelný nápis 1
Žárovkový světelný nápis 2
Žárovkový světelný nápis 3
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Neon Banners & Imitation Neon Banners

Neon lettering is also an immortal classic that has been indelibly inscribed in the history of light advertising. Today, neon signs are not only associated with nightclubs, but we can see them in more than one cafe, bar, fitness center and other establishments that give them a youthful atmosphere.

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How do traditional neon signs work?

The classic neon signs consist of heat-shaped glass tubes that glow red when filled with gas. Different colors of light can be achieved by filling the inside of the tubes with luminophore powder and then argon. At the same time, an electrode connected to a high-voltage transformer is welded onto each tube, which is insulated with a silicone sleeve.

Neon inscriptions can be placed on:

  • facade
  • network
  • plexiglass
  • panels, etc.

Imitation of neon signs — luxury look at an affordable price

For this reason, it is recommended to choose a preference imitation of the classics in the form of LED Neon Lighting. You can choose from two types of design:

LED Neon Ribbons

This type of light advertising consists of plastic tapes of different colors that can be shaped into any inscriptions. You can choose from different widths and color variations.

Imitation neon sign molded from plexiglass

In this case, we bend the sturdy plexiglass into the desired shape and shine it through with high-quality LED modules. Higher purchase price compensates for the fact that the resulting effect is truly authentic and luxurious. It is also worth mentioning high energy saving compared to the consumption of classic neon signs.

Neonová reklama 1
Neonová reklama 10
Neonová reklama 11
Neonová reklama 12
Neonová reklama 13
Neonová reklama 14
Neonová reklama 15
Neonová reklama 16
Neonová reklama 2
Neonová reklama 3
Neonová reklama 4
Neonová reklama 5
Neonová reklama 6
Neonová reklama 7
Neonová reklama 8
Neonová reklama 9
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Moss walls

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Wondering how to decorate the interior of an office or corporate space? Bring into the interior a piece of nature using a moss wall and enchant guests Unconventional design accessory. In cooperation with our suppliers, we are able to make not only moss walls for you, but also moss paintings with advertising lettering.

Mechová stěna 1
Mechová stěna 2
Mechová stěna 3
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Corten Sheet Advertising

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In recent years, corten steel has become a very popular material. It is a patinating steel (rusty steel), which is very durable and suitable for placement especially in exterior. Various shapes, logos or inscriptions are created directly from steel or any text on request is burned into the steel sheet.

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Luminous house numbers

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Even such a dull thing as a number on the house can acquire an unusual character thanks to the luminous ornament. Add a touch of uniqueness to your dwelling and beautify its exterior with a luminous or non-luminous number. We will be happy to fulfill even the most demanding wishes.

Světelná čísla domů 1
Světelná čísla domů 2
Světelná čísla domů 3
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Custom Design Floor Lamps

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The original is just one. Entrust us with your idea of a designer lamp and keep it produce directly to order. Or choose from our Pre-prepared designs or from a selection of ready-made fixtures. Our team of experienced technicians will not shy away from any challenges and will be happy to help you realize your vision and exceed all expectations.

Floor lamps can not only be used as an interior accessory, but can also be used in commercial premises, for example as a stand for products or various signs and direction indicators. Full color spectrum lighting, wireless lighting and other innovative elements are commonplace in our projects.

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Designová lampa 2
Designová lampa 3
Designová lampa 4
Designová lampa 5
Designová lampa 6
Designová lampa 7
Designová lampa 8
Designová lampa 9
Designová lampa 10
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