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Large-format digital printing, cut graphics, decals

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We own a modern printer that enables digital printing of large scale advertisements and banners. We use latex printing technology, thanks to which we are able to achieve full and vibrant colors. The prints are then laminated to ensure maximum colour durability, especially for prints placed outdoors and exposed to constant sunlight. Lamination also protects advertising from mechanical damage and there is a choice between glossy or matte lamination film.

Digital printing has the advantage over cut graphics that any design and color combination can be made in detail with it. However, printing does not offer the same longevity as cut graphics. We often combine both of these technologies to achieve the best possible results.

It is possible to print paper, self-adhesive film, light and perforated film, banner and textile materials. We guarantee the colour fastness of the prints for at least three years.

What materials are suitable for printing?

It is possible to print paper, self-adhesive film, translucent (light-through) film, perforated film, banner and textile materials.


  • Printing Transluent Foil
  • Perforated film
  • Textile frame
  • Banner printing
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Cut graphics

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We understand by cut graphics inscriptions cut from self-adhesive film. The inscription is carved into the desired shape by the plotter and then applied to the underlying surface — this can be almost any surface with sufficient adhesion.

The advantage of cut graphics is its long service life. It is suitable for all types of advertising and information signs. Our colored foils have up to 7 years of permanent color. However, they do not allow the production of, for example, color transitions and more complex motifs in such a quality as digital printing. Therefore, if necessary, we combine these two techniques.

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Other types of decals

Car Advertising Stickers

We provide vehicle decals by printing or cut graphics. This can be a total sticker of the car, as well as only a partial sticker or a separate inscription. Our experienced graphics center staff will work with you on the design and then ensure its application to the vehicle.

Window and Window Stickers

Stickers of shop windows are made with printed or cut graphics. These can be advertising messages and various informational texts or opening hours. It is also possible to choose any graphics (photos, logos and more) for decals.

Perforated window stickers

Perforated stickers allow you to glue the window or window and thus limit the insight into the interior. At the same time, however, the view from the inside to the outside is preserved and there is no great limitation on the impact of light in the room.

Window Cover Stickers

Cover stickers make it impossible to look from the outside into the interior. Most often, a sandblasted film is used, which limits the view from the outside and inside, but does not prevent the flow of light into the room. The cover film exists in different shades and any motifs can be carved into it, this can be used, for example, to embellish the design of offices with glass walls.

Floor stickers, floor graphics

Floor graphics skillfully use space to promote or place an information message. Self-adhesive film graphics are equipped with a special anti-slip lamination and can be an interesting addition to your establishment.

Safety features for the blind

Special safety features help people with poor eyesight to move safely. Contrasting elements placed on the glass surfaces prevent the glass surfaces from merging with the background.

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