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Boards and illuminated panels

Light panels

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The light panel is a box with a luminous front side. It consists of a welded aluminum frame with an aluminum back. The front surface is made of plexiglass or high-weight luminous vinyl canvas, the design depends on the size of the entire panel. Light panels can be easily mounted on buildings or pylons. Printed or cut graphics are applied to the illuminating surface.

Variants of light panels

  • tarpaulin panel
  • plexiglass light panel
  • tarpaulin panel with 3D font
Světelný panel 1
Světelný panel 12
Světelný panel 22
Světelný panel 33
Světelný panel 44
Světelný panel 54
Světelný panel 55
Světelný panel 56
Světelný panel 57
Světelný panel 2
Světelný panel 3
Světelný panel 4
Světelný panel 5
Světelný panel 6
Světelný panel 7
Světelný panel 8
Světelný panel 9
Světelný panel 10
Světelný panel 11
Světelný panel 13
Světelný panel 14
Světelný panel 15
Světelný panel 16
Světelný panel 17
Světelný panel 18
Světelný panel 19
Světelný panel 20
Světelný panel 21
Světelný panel 23
Světelný panel 24
Světelný panel 25
Světelný panel 26
Světelný panel 27
Světelný panel 28
Světelný panel 29
Světelný panel 30
Světelný panel 31
Světelný panel 32
Světelný panel 34
Světelný panel 35
Světelný panel 36
Světelný panel 37
Světelný panel 38
Světelný panel 39
Světelný panel 40
Světelný panel 41
Světelný panel 42
Světelný panel 43
Světelný panel 45
Světelný panel 46
Světelný panel 47
Světelný panel 48
Světelný panel 49
Světelný panel 50
Světelný panel 51
Světelný panel 52
Světelný panel 53
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Delay (delayed plexus)

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Intarsia is a luminous panel, the skeleton of which also consists of a frame and a back of aluminum. The difference is in the front surface, which is covered with an opaque plate (mostly made of sheet metal or sandwich plate — dibond). With raised plexiintarsia holes are cut into the front sidein which luminous signs made of solid plexiglass are inserted. Characters are inserted with an overlap above the panel level to create a 3D effect. Thanks to the illuminated sides of the letters, a luminous aura is created.

Another variant is the so-called. Substantial inlaywhere the characters do not protrude above the panel surface, but are below its level. This is a more economical option, as the characters do not need to be shaped and production is less laborious.

The advantage of plexi inlay is a very attractive appearance. The electrical supply is routed to only one place — this is an advantage, for example, for historic buildings where there is no possibility to drill into the facade. It is also more suitable for small lettering with a very thin font, when it would not be possible to shape it as a separate 3D font.

Plexintarzie 1
Plexintarzie 12
Plexintarzie 23
Plexintarzie 34
Plexintarzie 39
Plexintarzie 40
Plexintarzie 41
Plexintarzie 42
Plexintarzie 43
Plexintarzie 2
Plexintarzie 3
Plexintarzie 4
Plexintarzie 5
Plexintarzie 6
Plexintarzie 7
Plexintarzie 8
Plexintarzie 9
Plexintarzie 10
Plexintarzie 11
Plexintarzie 13
Plexintarzie 14
Plexintarzie 15
Plexintarzie 16
Plexintarzie 17
Plexintarzie 18
Plexintarzie 19
Plexintarzie 20
Plexintarzie 21
Plexintarzie 22
Plexintarzie 24
Plexintarzie 25
Plexintarzie 26
Plexintarzie 27
Plexintarzie 28
Plexintarzie 29
Plexintarzie 30
Plexintarzie 31
Plexintarzie 32
Plexintarzie 33
Plexintarzie 35
Plexintarzie 36
Plexintarzie 37
Plexintarzie 38
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Advertising boards

An advertising board is one of the simplest solutions to the advertising element. These are non-luminous plates made of various materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, composite materials, acrylates, glass, wood, etc. The message on their surface can be realized by printed or cut graphics, sandblasting and engraving.

Advertising boards are used to indicate establishments, for informational or indicative purposes. Most often they have the form Illuminated inscriptions, information boards, door panels, orientation systems etc.

The advantage of advertising boards is low purchase price and fast delivery — because they are not demanding to produce.

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The advantage is the low purchase price and fast delivery, since the boards are not demanding to manufacture. Flexibility can also be counted on, as the graphics on the board can be re-pasted if necessary.

Where are they used?

They are used to designate establishments, informational or indicative purposes. Most often as unilluminated signs, information boards, door tables, orientation systems, etc.

Reklamní tabule 1
Reklamní tabule 12
Reklamní tabule 16
Reklamní tabule 17
Reklamní tabule 18
Reklamní tabule 19
Reklamní tabule 20
Reklamní tabule 21
Reklamní tabule 22
Reklamní tabule 2
Reklamní tabule 3
Reklamní tabule 4
Reklamní tabule 5
Reklamní tabule 6
Reklamní tabule 7
Reklamní tabule 8
Reklamní tabule 9
Reklamní tabule 10
Reklamní tabule 11
Reklamní tabule 13
Reklamní tabule 14
Reklamní tabule 15
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