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Sales promotion items, LED technology

Elements of sales promotion

Sales promotion can take many forms, but it has only one purpose — to increase sales volume. Promotional and advertising elements are placed in business premises and have the task of attracting the attention of the customer and thus increasing his interest in buying. They are often referred to by English abbreviations POP (point of purchase) a POS (point of sale).

What sales support elements can we produce for you?

We can make

  • racks
  • displays
  • eye-catchers
  • advertising totems
  • Shelf decoration
  • leaflet holders
  • cashier stands
  • wall frames
  • decoration of shopping carts
  • window stickers
  • bags and cup holders
  • stickers and more
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There is a large number of color finishes and a wide range of applicable materials. Just make an appointment and we will create advertising elements to support your sales tailored to your ideas.

Prvek podpory prodeje 1
Prvek podpory prodeje 12
Prvek podpory prodeje 23
Prvek podpory prodeje 31
Prvek podpory prodeje 32
Prvek podpory prodeje 33
Prvek podpory prodeje 34
Prvek podpory prodeje 35
Prvek podpory prodeje 36
Prvek podpory prodeje 2
Prvek podpory prodeje 3
Prvek podpory prodeje 4
Prvek podpory prodeje 5
Prvek podpory prodeje 6
Prvek podpory prodeje 7
Prvek podpory prodeje 8
Prvek podpory prodeje 9
Prvek podpory prodeje 10
Prvek podpory prodeje 11
Prvek podpory prodeje 13
Prvek podpory prodeje 14
Prvek podpory prodeje 15
Prvek podpory prodeje 16
Prvek podpory prodeje 17
Prvek podpory prodeje 18
Prvek podpory prodeje 19
Prvek podpory prodeje 20
Prvek podpory prodeje 21
Prvek podpory prodeje 22
Prvek podpory prodeje 24
Prvek podpory prodeje 25
Prvek podpory prodeje 26
Prvek podpory prodeje 27
Prvek podpory prodeje 28
Prvek podpory prodeje 29
Prvek podpory prodeje 30
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Led Display

Part of our products, especially Advertising totems, there may also be an LED display. LED displays are used to display time, date, temperature, price (at gas stations) or for other informational purposes. They are set up and controlled using a remote control, an application or over a data network.

You can choose from different colors and two types of displays:

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Segment Displays

Segment LED displays can display digits from 0 to 9 and text characters.

According to the number of segments, they are divided into:

  • 7-segment — display digits and some text characters
  • 9-segment — display digits and some text characters
  • 14-segment — display numerals and text characters of the Latin alphabet
  • 16-segment — display numerals and text characters of the Latin alphabet
Matrix Displays

Matrix displays consist of an array of LEDs grouped mostly in a square matrix.

Example: Square matrix 8 × 8 LEDs, in addition to numbers and text, simple graphics can be displayed on these displays.

Led display 1
Led display 3
Led display 4
Led display 5
Led display 6
Led display 7
Led display 8
Led display 9
Led display 10
Led display 2
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Led Screens

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Take advantage state of the art solution in both outdoor and indoor advertising. In the family company Elektro Drapač, we also specialize in the production of LED screens for advertising and information purposes. In addition to the screens themselves, we also offer variable LED screen walls or modules.

This method of advertising can be as big as a screen in a movie theater, engaging like your favorite movie and still as current as a daily newspaper. The screens can be used to present advertising spots, photos or any other teaser that you want to present on your multimedia device. LED screens are among those more costly, however, their effect is unique.

Technical parameters of LED screens

LED screens find their use both in the exterior and in the interior. Basic building modules are standard 16 × 8 or 16 × 16 pixels. LED can be assembled according to customer's request screen of various shapes and in virtually unlimited size.

Method of installation of LED screens

The modules are set in segments made of aluminum, which is coated with a surface finish. Subsequently, they are installed on the prepared structure.

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Our team of experienced experts will be happy to advise you on everything and They will recommend the most appropriate type of advertising for you.

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