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Who we are

We are a family company Elektro Drapač.

We have been operating in the advertising market since 1990. We offer comprehensive services in the field of signmaking, from the very design of the design to the technical solution and production to the final assembly.

We are the longest operating company in the Czech Republic in this field. Light advertising is our main, but not the only production product. We know all kinds of promotional elements — different sizes and different designs. In short, the technological capabilities of our company allow the complete production of “heavy-duty” advertisements, such as giant light pylons and advertisements with a load-bearing steel structure.

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Elektro Drapač in numbers

  • We have more than 34 years experience.
  • Our production site occupies 8,500 sq ft.
  • We realize more than 1,000 projects annually.
  • We will spend more than 250,000 km annually.
  • Travelling abroad — especially in the Schengen area 35% of our production.
  • Electric cars occupy 20% of our fleet.

Our History

The year was 1989 and the young couple Drapačov decided to realize their dream, namely to establish their own production company. Although they had nothing more than determination and enthusiasm, Elektro Drapač was founded — a company specializing in electrical installation work.


However, by a fortunate coincidence, the company soon switched to another production solution, which was completely absent from the market at that time, namely the production of luminous and non-luminous markings. The original name, Elektro Drapač, did not have time to change in all the hustle and bustle of the work and was only supplemented by a more specific connection: light advertising.


Orders continued to increase and the company's team also began to grow. However, new production facilities were also needed. Therefore, the old factory in Velké Poříčí, abandoned at that time, in a desolate state, was purchased and gradually reconstructed. New machinery and technology equipment was purchased.


In 1997 Elektro Drapač was already an established company, operating internationally. Therefore, in order to increase credibility for foreign clients, it turns into a limited liability company.


At that time, the firm has over 30 permanent employees and continues to build and expand its production facilities. New halls are gradually being built, such as a new graphics studio, an extension of another production hall and new facilities for the fleet.
In the 2000s we have registered our own patent for the production of light advertising.


We strive to produce a minimal carbon footprint and are constantly improving in that regard. Therefore, in 2016, a photovoltaic power plant is being built. Of course, also because of the reduction of operating costs and the cheapening of end products. We also use the electricity generated to charge our electric cars.


At Elektro Drapač, we value our role in society and are responsible for the environment. At the same time, we decided to do something concrete. We planted an orchard of over 400 trees, which is our little gesture to restore nature.


In 2019 It is added to the company's premises Museum of Light Advertisements. With passion, we return life to forgotten advertisements, capturing the magic it has brought to the streets and cities. Our museum is not only about technology, but about bringing the art of light and non-luminous advertisements closer to all visitors.


The highest possible print quality is crucial for us and our clients. Therefore, in 2022, after a thorough selection process, we acquired a new technology in the form of a latex printer and laminator from Hewlett-Packard. Currently, this is the best technology available to ensure flawless printing for our clients with maximum color durability.


In 2023, we purchased a high-tech 3D printer for use inproduction. This allows us to bring our ideas into three-dimensional realitywith incredible precision and flexibility. Thanks to this technology, we areonce again gaining new design possibilities and increasing productionefficiency.


What are our values?

Highest quality

We rely on the quality of our products and adjust everything to perfection both technically and aesthetically. We source all materials from proven European suppliers


We provide the entire production process ourselves in our own premises. Our highly qualified team of experts is able to design and implement even very demanding technical tasks.


We are based on respect for the environment. Our products are economical, as is the whole production process.


We constantly develop technical procedures in accordance with current trends and offer innovative solutions and design.


We always adhere to the agreed deadlines and disappointing the customer's trust would be a disgrace to us.

What do we offer?

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  • All production of advertising elements is completely under our direction and so called. “turnkey”.
  • We use high-quality materials and components for production, such as waterproof LED modules and branded power supplies.
  • We can handle materials such as stainless steel, brass, modern sandwich and composite materials, acrylics and plastics.
  • We weld aluminum structures in a protective atmosphere of argon, which prevents deterioration of the mechanical properties of the weld.
  • We have fully equipped assembly vehicles with mobile workshop and power plant, hydraulic platforms and professional installers.
  • Technological equipment allows us to produce advertising pylons up to 40 meters in height.
  • We own a state-of-the-art graphic workshop, a paint shop with a digital mixing station, and our production facilities cover an area of 3,200 m².
  • We provide regular service for all our products and assemblies and a five-year warranty on this.
  • Most of our production goes to the Czech Republic, but also beyond the borders — to EU countries.
  • The greatest wealth of our company is a team of experienced professionals who look forward to every new challenge.
  • Over the course of our activity, we can also boast of several design awards.

Museum of Light Advertisements

To celebrate our thirtieth anniversary, we decided that we do not want to leave these wonderful examples of how our craft was done in the past to ourselves and we would like to share them.

And because our company is located next to a busy cycle path, the idea was created to create an outdoor exhibition with labels.

The exhibition is free of charge, it is accessible from a public road, so everyone can see it, at any time of the day or night. A large number of advertisements are, of course, luminous.

More about Advertising Museum

Our Approach to Ecology

Taking care of the environment is central to us

In our production area, we largely use solar energy. All production in a year consumes about as much energy as a larger household. Of course, waste sorting and environmental disposal are also a matter of course for us. Our fleet consists of 20% electric vehicles. We strive to produce a minimum carbon footprint and are constantly improving in this regard

Our products are economical

We use high quality LED modules that have low power consumption. Technology is constantly moving forward and we are keeping up with it.