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Museum of Light Advertisements

Elektro Drapač company is engaged in the production of light advertisements already since 1990 and at that time it is the oldest company in the field in the Czech Republic. To celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of our existence, we decided to create an outdoor exhibition of light advertisements not only from our workshop.

From passion to museum

Advertising has always been our passion. We try apply the latest trends, coming up with Innovative methods of productionBut we like to look back to the past as well. We managed to accumulate countless advertisements and, in addition to the luminous ones, for example, enameled tin signs, which are the forerunners of modern advertising.

What can you find in our advertising museum?

Signs from different historical periods await you in our museum, including some truly unique advertisements.
You can look forward to, for example:

  • Enameled tin signs, some of their old age date back to the days of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.
  • The hand-painted advertisement “Painter of Rooms”, which hung in the archway in Dvora Králové — is made of glass and metal and lit through a light bulb.
  • Similarly executed plug “Pharmacy” in the master version.
  • An advertisement for the photo paper “Gevaert” from Antwerp, Belgium, produced by the Adler company in 1920.
  • Advertisements from our workshop for tobacco products, which are already banned nowadays.
  • Neon advertisements from 1920 to 1960, which were massively used in the United States of America. Since 2010, these have been replaced by LED technology, since the production of neon lighting is more technically demanding, the consumption is high and the handling is very dangerous.
Muzeum světelné reklamy 1
Muzeum světelné reklamy 2
Muzeum světelné reklamy 4
Muzeum světelné reklamy 5
Muzeum světelné reklamy 6
Muzeum světelné reklamy 7
Muzeum světelné reklamy 8
Muzeum světelné reklamy 9
Muzeum světelné reklamy 10
Muzeum světelné reklamy 11
Muzeum světelné reklamy 3

Cycle path and green energy

Our museum is located next to a busy cycle path, so we decided to create a place to relax at the museum. Cyclists on electric bikes can use electric bike charging socket for free.

Since we always execute a large number of orders going through different stages of production at the same time, we have a high energy consumption on our conscience. And because We are an environmentally conscious company. In all respects, we use energy from renewable sources, which we will share with you right through e-bike chargers next to the bike path. Therefore, if you have gone on a longer trip around the area, you can sit quietly at our museum, see the exhibits and at the same time recharge your electric bike.

The exhibition is free of charge, it is accessible from a public road, so it can be viewed by anyone, at any time of day or night, as some of our advertisements are of course also illuminated.